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Read the Getting Started Guide and the rules beneath before making a claim. It will explain most questions you might have. At the top of your forum page copy paste this text. Then write your character below it. If you do not, your character will not be processed. {{Forumheader|Character Approval}}


1: There are absolutely no approval pages allowed on canon characters or non canon Star Wars game characters (e.g. You can't title it and write about "Anakin Skywalker"). 2: All jedi characters are to start off as padawans. Meaning, you will have to be taught by a master. 3: Do not request a sith character on this forum. There will be another forum for that. 4: Make your chars so as they are not over powerful (OP). For example, you cannot state that your character can lift an entire island out of water. 5: Try to make your claim as detailed as possible. Especially the history (emphasis on history). 6: -Trainee level users (users who've just joined) may only have one char -Users here for 1 week, 2 -Users here for 2 weeks, 3 -Users here for 3 weeks, 4 -Users here for 4 weeks, 6 -Users here for 5 weeks, 8 (the max amount of chars) 7: Admins aren't exempted from rule 7. 8: Your character doesn't have to only be a jedi, they can be: Bounty Hunters, wookies, or another star wars related species (ask an admin). 9: You must have the following things in your forum:

1) Name
2) Age (If any)   
3) History   
4) Skills (For example, fighting, building, etc)  
6) Group you want to enter (Only if Jedi)   
7) How does your character's ideology/beliefs fit into the idealogy of your desired group   
8) Weapons/Equipment/Gear 

Put This at the top of your Claim page (Without Spaces)

{ {Forumheader|Character Approval} }

Characters up for adoption

If there are any characters you don't want anymore put them up for adoption here. Make sure to include a link to their page, your username, and what kind of character they are.

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