Isaiah Ashmaster
Never give up.Never forget to eat- Isaiah
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Green Lightsaber
Status Status,16
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6'8"
Group New Republic
Missions none


He was born on Tatoonie raised by water farmers.In his life he helped find water sources underground.When he turned about 15 a Jedi team was looking for new recruits they could use.They found he was force sensitive and took him to the academy.He learned to use his ability's there and when he got out he was put in the padawan rank because of a certain "test" he failed.His master was Dyrk Eiay and he learns under him.

Weapons and ability'sEdit

Green Lightsaber with fire and pulsing perks

Force Control

Force Agility

Force Mind Trick

Fire Elemental Force

Force Healing


Dyrk Eiay- Master



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