Welcome to the Jedi Temple it's quite an honor to have you here.Why have you come?To Join the New Republic?To train in the force?Or perhaps your coming for a visit.Maybe you want protection from the Sith?Whatever the matter you only have access to the first few floors until your a Padawan or Captain.Jedi Guardians are around the entance so dont be afraid to stay awhile and hide - Jedi Council


  1. If you think that someone is a spy then report it to a guard who will be happy to assist
  2. No going past the 2F or 2BF or until you get proper access
  3. The Guards are not jokes you will be arrested if you break the rules
  4. The 4 Guard towers are strictly off limits for Civilians or Cadets
  5. Before coming in you will be searched for Weapons and Bombs unless you have Private or higher access
  6. We advise you to keep quiet during council meetings


Civilian AccessEdit

1st + 2nd floors




Cadet AccessEdit

3rd floor



Dining room

Private AccessEdit

4th floor


Training Grounds

Corporal - Lieutenant accessEdit

5th - 7th floors


Droid room

Repair shop

Captain - Chief General AccessEdit

Jedi Council Room

8-20th floors

Mission planning room

Commander AccessEdit

21st floor

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