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This is about what lightsaber your charaacter will get depending on personality.You can mix some if your character has different personality's


Green- Aggresive/Offensive fighter

Blue- Peacful/Defensive Fighter
  • Green Lightsaber
  • Blue Lightsaber
  • Silver Lightsaber
  • Black Lightsaber
  • Yellow Lightsaber
  • Red Lightsaber
  • Purple Lightsaber
  • Orange Lightsaber
  • White Lightsaber
  • Pink Lightsaber
  • Gold Lightsaber

Red- Hatred/Death

Purple- Wise/Leader

Yellow- Balanced Fighter

Orange- Anger/Moody

Black- Pure Evil/Destructive

White- Pure Good/Rebuilder

Pink- Love/Affection

Silver- Wise/Guardian

Gold- Mixed personalitys/Mood swing



Lightning- Zaps across the lightsaber while activated

Rotation- Rotates the lightsaber while activated

Pulsing- The Lightsaber Pulses like a heartbeat while activated

Unstable- Makes the lightsaber stronger but unstable

Crooked- Gives the lightsaber a crooked look.Best for unarming

Color Changing- Can hold two crystals instead of one so it changes between the two colors


Fire- Lightsaber blade catches on fire(Fire Elementist only)

Sand- Sand rotates around the lightsaber upon activation(Earth Elementist only)

Bubbles- The lightsaber hilt produces bubbles.Can be switched on and off(Water Elementist only)

Wind- makes a small tornado around the blade(Air Elementist only)

Spirit Blade- Spirits of your Ancestor's surrounds your blade making you stronger(Death Elementis only)

Life Blade- You are healed throughout battle by your blade(Life Elementist only)

Energy Blade- You can get every Element of every blade.You are power(Mastered Elementist only)


  • Quad Clip
  • Double clip
  • Wind Lightsaber
  • Fire Lightsaber
  • Bubble Lightsaber

Double Clip- 2 lightsaber edges

Triple Clip- 2 lightsaber edges and a straight lightsaber

Quad Clip- A huge clip that's usually used for Heavy Assault,Defense or throwing

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