Pepp Tyo
Mesa be a Gray Jedi
Gray Jedi
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Gold light saber
Status Alive, 19
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color none
Height 6'4"
Group Gray Jedi
Missions A lot


He was born in Otah Gunga. He was a candidate for Jedi training but was never let in. When he was 16 he was roaming the woods when a sith attacked him. He was saved by Ruby'seceru. He was in a life debt. He was then trained as a Gray Jedi and became a leader but he is still in Ruby'seceru life debt. He also likes Ruby as a little more of a friend.


He is a great swimmer (Duh), a good lightsaber battler, and a good pilot. He is also a great negotiator on prices.


Golden lightsaber.


He loves to lighten the mood and make a fool of himself. He also has a hard time talking to Ruby as he likes her.


Ruby - He has a very big crush one her and is in her debt forever.


All of Ruby's enimies.

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