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Rise of the Empire era
Sarosse Dartagen
Rebellion era
(This Character Belongs to? Great Expectations)
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Sarosse -member of Senate
-Senator/Former Bounty Hunter

 – -November 29, 2012 15:26

Sarosse Dartagen
"If I wanted you gone, you would have been eliminated as soon as you took your first breath" - Sarosse to a Separatist
Vital statistics
Title Senator of Alderaan
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Republic
Health -
Level Skilled at shooting
Status Alive; 25
Location -



Sarosse with Rex


Rex Best Friend; former love; Partner in Crime They worked together a lot, and in the end Rex decided to stay but she decided to leave. They were in love and bounty hunter partners.
Sarosse's gun is fully equip and she carries it wherever she goes on her belt. It was given to her by Rex on their first mission as bounty hunters and it is her prized possesion. The name? ljubaiv is encarved on it from Rex.?

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